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     This subject is getting more and more,interesting and actual,especially these days,when a hundreds and thousands of job offers have MLM label.I know that much have been said about it,but there is something I want to tell.

      In a past 15 years,I had  a chance to be invited to a various  of promotions of such kind.I've been doing some of them.Most of that jobs,were frauds.But a few where not.In a last year or two,I've been lucky to join a serious MLM company.Now I know all the benefits and advantages of MLM.It's simply a genious kind of business.That is my experience.I suppose some of you will make "faces",while you read these lines,but as I said THAT IS MY EXPERIENCE.

    I am not here to promote that kind of business,I am here to express my grief,that many,many people,rejected to do MLM business,because many frauds,thieves,who presented them selves as a MLM companies or business,disgusted that kind of business to them.

     I would like you, who have enough skills and knowledge about this matter,to take a much greater part in uncovering these frauds publicly!Use TV,tell about it in newspaper's interviews,..wherever you can. 

       Let give a chance to more people,to get know the real MLM!

      I think we all would have enormous benefit,out of that!


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